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As part of my pre-distribution tests I check with the Xerces, Saxon and Altova XML Validation processors, and as then they successfully pass today.

Can you cite where you believe the dependency is in the existing XSD files?

You can poke around in the document if you like, while the validation happens, but when I'm just validating I do a while(reader. I load the most-leaf node to load whole spec: I wanted an assembly that was self-contained and would hold all 64 of these XSD files internally as resources, and I didn't want to put them in a temp directory.

I added all the schemas to the project, right clicked "Properties" and set them all to Embedded Resources.

A check of a couple of the other maindoc schemas suggests that this is a general problem. Thanks Martin GK I'm not sure what to tell you, Martin. Read(xtr, null); Xml Schema Set xml Set = new Xml Schema Set(); xml Set. Can anyone show any light on this, or suggest a way round?