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The Iranian women who had gained confidence and higher education under Pahlavi era participated in demonstrations against Shah to topple monarchy.

The culture of education for women was established by the time of revolution so that even after the revolution, large numbers of women entered the civil service and higher education, and, in 1996.

The highest-ranking female workers in the texts are called arashshara (great chief).


14 women were elected to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Ayatollah Khomeini seemed to express appreciation for women's issues after he took power.

Under Reza Shah's successor Mohammad Reza Shah many more significant reforms were introduced.

For example, in 1963, the Shah granted female suffrage and soon after women were elected to the Majlis (the parliament) and the upper house, and appointed as judges and ministers in the cabinet.'.

In 1967 Iranian family law was also reformed which improved the position of women in Iranian society.