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Before we can begin to fight back, we have to know who we are dealing with and the plans they have hidden from the public.

When you see how elaborate the plans of the deceptive elite are, you will also realize how they have tried to distract our attention with a variety of entertainment and electronic methods to keep us amused or confused.

Vine breaks down the prophecy and shares the clairvoyant visions and clairaudient channeling.

Read the prediction and updates here: Donald Trump - Reason for Causing Division in USA First Predicted 16th December 2012 by VINE Everything Australian Psychic Vine predicted about the gas leak and health hazard in a Queensland country community has now come true...

Vine predicted the chemical and gas leaks, the resulting health problems and the cost to the company at fault.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has now agreed with Vine that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president, saying that Trump would not be president without the Russian interference in the election. - Psychic Prediction First Predicted 1st January 2018 by VINE Vine's Higher Guardians warned that the money lenders (banks, financial institutions, financial backers, secret shareholders) have been misleading us.

Read the latest update for Vine's psychic prediction here: Spiritual Channeling for 2017 - Not All Is As It Seems In a Spiritual Vision, Vine saw Prime Minister Netanyahu paying lip service to real progress for peace with Palestinian people, and not caring what the rest of the world thinks. Vine predicted that we'll now be made aware of these deceivers...

What's the difference between real psychic predictions and celebrity entertainment sensationalist predictions?